The Grounded

Family Films, 82 minutes, USA

Directed by Tom Luong

A young brother and sister get grounded after they break curfew. At night they sneak out of the house to go on adventures around town. When they run into bank robbers who kidnap his older sister the boy and his friends, with the help of two retired forest service workers, must bring the fugitives into custody.

Cast: Adrian Deleon, Alexander Cress, Ashley Williams, Brian Black, Clinton Cargile, Darrah Valentine, David Goodwin, Don Hopkins, Jacob Bayley, Jamie Graf, Jeanette Di Pinza, Jeff Whitney, Jill Albano,Joseph Deluca, Julianna Cress, Karlin Walker, Ken Cress, Kevin Wyrauch, Lisa Arnett, Loren Cress, Marcus Smith, Mark Bayley, Renee Puckett Hynes, Shane Kaufman, Shelbie Cress, Sherry Walti, Stuart Smith, Tracey Birdsall-Smith