2014 Screenwriting Competition Finalists

Congratulations to our 2014 Screenwriting Competition Finalists and Thank You to all of our entrants.

Join us Saturday, 9/20 for readings of selected scenes from each of the Finalists' Screenplays. 


Larry Hardcastle - Den Mother - Written by Robert Remy

A bumbling dad joins his daughter on a camping trip with her scout troop, and must learn to perfect his outdoor skills in a hurry when they become stranded and run afoul of violent felons.

Muse - Written by John Burr

A lonely, bullied painter finds a beautiful girl unconscious in the forest and brings her home to nurse her back to health. But as he falls in love with her, he slowly learns that she has a deep, dark secret – she is not just a girl, but aleannán sídhe, a mythical Gaelic being who takes an artist as a lover, inspires him, and defends him to the death against any threat. 

Pretty in Black - Written by Anthony Moore and Matt Getty

Everyone knows Cameron Sternwood, the world’s biggest teen pop sensation — everyone but Rip Murdock, the young hacker behind memester.com, who now holds her career, and her heart, in his hands.

Quarterback - Written by Dustin Stevens

After suffering his seventh concussion, aging quarterback Kris Hopkins is forced to accept that the game he loves may no longer love him back.

Three Months - Written by Jared Frieder

After being exposed to HIV the weekend of his high school graduation, a punk gay teenager from Miami must survive the three months it takes to get tested for the disease.



A Thing Most New - Written by Kathy Pyatt

Blue Pit - Written by Blaine Tyler

The Crimson Confession - Written by Raymond Just

Dimestore Saint - Written by Nate Lane

Donuts With Jerry - Written by Ron Peer and Mitzi Lynton

The Ghoul - Written by Daniel Harris and Joshua Schilling

Helios - Written by Mark Stasenko

Hooligan - Written by Tony Cammarata

The Lost Treasure of the Mayans - Written by Julius Galacki

Rhyme or Reason - Written by Armando Fente, Jr. and Robert Fente

Sand Devils - Written by Tom Khazoyan

Tango of Solitude - Written by Maria Hinterkörner



All For None - Written by Mark Stasenko

Be Fire With Fire - Written by Stephen Cooper

Big Bear - Written by Christopher Glatis

Bolichicos: The Bourgeois Boys Written by Juan Avella

Breaking the Chain - Written by David Braga

By the Horns - Written by Gianpaolo Santarelli

Cypress - Written by Charlie Neubauer

The Devil, A Rebel, A Fool - Written by Clay Fusco

The Evil Bitch Society - Written by Benj Hewitt and Marjan Tehrani

For the Living - Written by Robbie Bourland and Eric Fisher

The Good Hurt - Written by Chris McQuade

Haze - Written by Marc Masciandaro

Hidden - Written by Shiva Ramanathan

The Question - Written by Richard Horton

Welcome to the Fishbowl - Written by Sheryl Glubok and Donald Rae