2014 Big Bear Film Festival Award Winners

Festival Panels - Schedule & Summaries

All of our panels are held at Northwoods Resort, on the 2nd Floor in the Metcalf Bay Room.

Admission is $7.00 or included with a Day/Weekend/All Events Pass


Friday Panel Schedule

10:00AM Storytelling With New Media and Viewing Habits

Erica Byrne, Rona Edwards, John Hall                                       

A converstaion on delivering content for today’s viewing habits, across all platforms. How can creators deliver for audiences that find stories in everything binge watching on-demand to 6 second Vines on their mobile device? 

12:00PM That's Not Funny, That's Sick

Anne Beatts

How Far is Going Too Far in Today's Comedy?  A comedy seminar with Emmy Award winning SNL writer, Anne Beatts.

2:00PM Distribution Strategies for Independent Filmmakers.

Marc Halperin, Marla Halperin, Leo Cohen, and John Hall

Industry veterans share tips on how to navigate the wild west of independent film distribution. Panelists will discuss the many options today’s filmmakers are presented with and weigh the benefits of unconventional distribution plans.

4:00PM Mini-Movie Method

Chris Soth

Chris Sothpresents  a method of story design that is easy to understand and easy to do, in his seminar covering screenwriting mentorship techniques and his book, Million Dollar Screenwriting: The Mini-Movie Method.


Saturday Panel Schedule 


10:00 AM What Happens to a Screenplay When It’s Submitted to a Studio or Production Company?

Rona Edwards & Monika Skerbelis

A seminar covering what to expect after you’ve submitted your Screenplay. Edwards and Skerbelis share their insights and advice for aspiring Screenwriters.

12:00 PM Q&A and Breakout Sessions with Festival Honorees and Panelists

A free form Q&A session with this year’s Honorees, Panelists and Jurors.

12:00PM Genre Film

Fun Size Films, moderated by Curtis Andersen

The creative team behind Fun Size Films shares their favorite things about genre films. Panelists attempt to debunk the myth that genre films aren’t for everyone, and discussing the challenges and rewards of capturing a story in two minutes or less.

2:00PM Cinematography Showcase: Haskell Wexler, A.S.C.

A special screening of Haskell's documentary, Who Needs Sleep moderated by Mark Kirkland and Lorette Bayle.

2:00PM Story Doesn't Matter

Sheryl J. Anderson & Dean Batali

A friendly debate about what makes a film good. What is the most important component in a project’s success or failure? Panelists discuss the importance of the story versus actually executing it.


4:00PM - Readings from the Screenwriting Competition Finalists

Selected scenes presented from the screenplays of the festival’s five Screenwriting Competition Finalists.


Sunday Panel Schedule


10:00AM Casting in Today’s Marketplace

Valerie McCaffrey

Panelists discuss ways to take advantage of new media and technology when casting your film. Tips on how you to get your projects noticed.

11:30AM Production Recording

Tom Brandau

Because the on camera mic is never enough; Tom Brandau shares insights from 30 years in the industry about the art, business, and practice of sound recording.

Wet Your Whistle

ProAbition, Riverside's favorite Whiskey Lounge & Kitchen, will be joining the festival, Saturday, 9/20 at 7:30PM for our Centerpiece Film & Reception! In addition to the desserts and drinks, ProAbition will serving up whiskey tastings prior to our screening of Beside Still Waters

Tickets for the Centerpiece Film are available here. 


Centerpiece Film Announced!

Centerpiece Film Announced!

After the death of his parents and the impending loss of his family home, a young romantic invites his friends and ex-girlfriend to a memorial celebration. Things take a turn for the worse when none in attendance share in the nostalgia of the good old days, and as the weekend progresses the house brings out the adolescence in all of them. What follows is an evening full of drinking, laughter, secrets, sex, mischief and regret. As everyone prepares to leave the house for the last time, their childhood memories come flooding back to them, along with the hope that the friendships of the past may become a family for the future.

50th Anniversary Screening of The Endless Summer

BBLIFF14 is pleased to present, with Bruce Brown Films and Nottingham's Tavern, a special 50th Anniversary Screening of The Endless Summer.

Limited tickets are available ($15), or included in an All Events Pass (Pass Holders must RSVP). Doors will open at 4:30PM, film at 5:00PM. Drinks and Specialty Cocktails will be available for purchase. Click here for tickets or to reserve your seat.


Announcing 2014 Honorees Lucy Walker, Heitor Pereira, Haskell Wexler ASC and Nancy Walker!

Announcing 2014 Honorees Lucy Walker, Heitor Pereira, Haskell Wexler ASC and Nancy Walker!

The Big Bear Lake International Film Festival is pleased to announce that director Lucy Walker, composer Heitor Pereira, and cinematographer Haskell Wexler ASC as the recipients of the festival’s annual career achievement awards. Local jazz and music artist Nancy Celeste Walker will be honored with the festival's annual community service award.